Commit 619595b3 authored by Hynek Baran's avatar Hynek Baran

`resolve/nonlin/reduce/pair/tool` sets ReducedBy even if the result is 0

parent 7ccd7d0a
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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ printf("Jets.newresolve v 0.4 as of Nov 06 2018 (%s)\n",
#`resolve/nonresrat` := 3;
`resolve/opts/postproc` := {'nonlinear', 'linear'}:
`resolve/opts/postproc` := {'nonlinear', 'linderive'}:
`resolve/1` := proc()
local as,bs,as1, as2, cs, ds, vl,i,ans, A, AL, AN, A1, A0, A1S, A1H, AE, APD, B, ff, old, old1, new, new1, all, aux, cstep;
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ printf("Jets.newresolve v 0.4 as of Nov 06 2018 (%s)\n",
Reportf(1, ["Resolving %a (of %a input) eqs failed.", nops(B), nops(A)]);
if ans = FAIL and nops(AN)>0 then
if has(`resolve/opts/postproc`, 'linderive') and ans = FAIL and nops(AN)>0 then
Reportf(2, ["No solvable linear eqs found, trying to linearize %a eqs by linderive", nops(aux)]);
APD := linderive(op(AN));
Reportf(1, ["Deriving %a nonlinear eqs given %a linear results", nops(AN), nops(APD)]);
......@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ end:
res := `resolve/nonlin/reduce/pair/tool`(F, G);
if res <> NULL then
res := op(map(divideout@numer, {res}));
if res <> 0 then F:-ReducedBy := true; fi;
F:-ReducedBy := true;
if nops(Vars(res)) > 0 then return res else return NULL fi; # omit unknownless expressions, to be error?
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